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 Favourite album at the moment:

My chemical romance
*Three cheers for sweet Revenge*


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Artist: A Fire Inside  ( Afi )
Title: Sing the Sorrow

Afi are well known for their gothic punk style. Double that with Davey's powerful vocals + Their deep + pretty lyrics, And you have a beautiful album.

Miseria Cantare (The Beginning) 
The Leaving Song Pt. 2 
Bleed Black 
Silver and Cold
Dancing Through Sunday
Girl's Not Grey
Death of Season
The Great Disappointment
Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)
This Celluliod Dream
The Leaving Song
...But Home Is Nowhere


+ In our cancer of passion you said, 
    Death is a
midnight Runner +

Artist: Nine Inch Nails ( NIN )
Title:  Things falling apart

If you asked me what id call Nin*s music. Rock,Goth,Metal etc. I would have to say Techno-rock or industrial. Their style is like no others.Trent Reznors voice is also like none others.he is instantly recognisable.Their stage presense is strong and have affected many with their music 

Slipping away
The Great collapse
The Wretched
Starfuckers inc
Where is everybody
10 Miles High
Starfuckers inc

+ I wont let you fall apart +

Artist: Radiohead
Title:  The Bends

  I only  began loveing radiohead and theyre amazing produce after I heard + Fake Plastic Trees +. This being my favourite song. Their music has influenced me greatly.The album + The Bends + being no exception. Thom Yorkes beautiful voice + honest lyrics are my reason,

Planet Telex
The Bends
High and Dry
Fake Plastic Trees
Nice Dream
My Iron Lung
Bullet Proof,I Wish I Was
Black Star
Street Spirit  

+ Wake from your sleep & dry all your tears, today we escape +


Artist: The Used
Title: The Used

Id heard "Taste of Ink" a while back, and had wanted to hear the rest of the used's album, sure enough each song is as amazing as the next.My favourite tracks above others on it are *Poetic tradegy*,*on my own*,*box full of sharp objects* and *buried myself alive*.But for all songs.not only are the lyrics easy to relate to and beautifully written but Bert's voice is shrill but soft.amazing!

 Maybe memories
The taste of ink
say days ago
poetic tragedy
buried myself alive
Box full of sharp objects
Blue and yellow
Greener with the scenery
noise and kisses
On my own
Pieces mended

+ Today I fell and felt better +

Artist: Finch
Title: What it is to burn

I heard "letters to you", hasnt everyone? And instantly fell inlove with Finch. But since I havent been into emo for a while like i am now,I didnt listen to the whole album for a while.Until a few weeks back,Its amazing.each song holds a meaning and some truth, the lyrics can be related to most of your own ideas and situation, one thing i love about this band.

 Maybe memories
New begnnings
Letters to you
post script
Grey Matter
Perfection through silence
without you here
stay with me
Project mayhem
Three simple words
what it is to burn
letters to you [accoustic version]

+ Cigarettes in open air, hand in hand +



Artist: My Chemical Romance
Title: Three cheers for sweet Revenge

I d Heard “Im not okay (I promise) a while ago, I went on the official site.Which plays songs off the new album in the background.I loved all 3 iof the songs playing.I told Stu an he made a copy of both the new album and the first My chemical romance album “I bought you bullets you bought me your love”. I love both albums, but the 2 nd one is better I think.My favourite songs on this are *You know what they do to guys like us in Prison* and *Helena*.

Give em hell kid
To the end
You know what they do to guys like us in Prison
Im not okay (I promise)
Ghost of you
The jetset life is gonna kill you
Thankyou for the venom
Hang em high
Its not a fashion statement it’s a deathwish
Cemetary Drive
I never told you what I did for a living

+ The wedding party all collapse in the room[so send my recognition to the bride + the Groom] +