+ Paper Airplanes (makeshift wings) +
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This is my ticket from the My Chemical Romance Gig last monday  <3 <3

This is a photograph of my most recent writng on my wall. The Quote reads "i would please myself in any way I could,But I know I'll always be misunderstood".This is written right above my bed.

Here I am rocking it out as I should In arizona. I saw this while my parents were being amazed by some big hole in the floor.. canyeon something.. I felt at home somehow.

If you can ignore the two gimps next to me..Im actually only putting this cause we were in Vegas when it was taken.I really loved vegas.So Tacky..so bright.so me! ! haha

This might sound lame..But If you're stuck on inspiration,Get on a plane and look out the fucking window. Its Beautiful

Maybe the latest but not greatest i know..Simply because Im due to have a new look-age every shortly..praise the old one.

My Baby!  <3 <3