You and Your eyeliner labyrinth..
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Creatures kissing in the rain. Shapeless in the dark again

*~.S t a t s.~*



 Name: Kate


Middle name:  Elise


Age: 16


Brothers/Sisters: One brother,Adam


Family: 2 parents one brother


Eye colour: Sky Grey


Height: 5 Foot 6 i think.


Hair colour/Style:  Black with horrid roots / Shortish.


Pierced/mod : 4 piercings, 2 Ears stretched by 2mm.


Figure: Average.




*~.Y o u . I n . G e n e r a l.~*



Style: Not sure


Describe yourself with one song: Lonely Girl - Pink + Linda Perry


Lyric: Do you even know who you are? I guess I'm tryin' to find. 


Idol: Lennon. Not to be confused with Lenin.

Why: Why not




*~.Am . I .~*


+ Answered By Stu =



Funny: yes especialy wen ur in a weird mood



Cute: extreamly


Honest: yup


Tall: well ur taller than me...but so is every1


A wannabe: nope ur genuine


Friendly: yes well 2 me at least


Sarcastic: at times


Helpful: yes


Sexy: very!!


Ugly: not at all!


Annoying: nope


Boring: never!




 *~.L o v e s . & . h a t e s . etc.~*



Do you have a boyfriend:  Yes


His name is:  Stu


Hobbies: Hobbies..Hmm I dont like that word.things I like: Stu/Relationships Art , Decent music, The Used, Msn, Seeing all my mates, Parties, chats with my closest mates, gigs, clothes, Notts, Derby, phone calls at 2am heh, Meeting new people, Txts, hearts like this <3, photography, SSC,The Vic,Bert mccracken,Hair spray/dye,individuality,walks,dancing in thr rain,robert smith,Sam-My best friend!, thats pretty much the jist.


Hates: Being in the wrong | Being stared at


Loves: Stu. People that inspire me. My bedroom.


Plans for Future: Open Up my eyes


Bands: The Used,My chemical romance ( <3 <3 ),Pixies,NiN,Radiohead,Placebo,Billy Talent,The Cure,Rhcp,Him,Counting Crows,Craig Armstrong,Fall out boy,Colour of fire,Hit for 6(are,Fletcher,saint Catherine,Finch,New found glory.a fire inside, skunk anansie, bright eyes, The strokes, story of the year, Yellowcard, coldplay, Jane Siberry, Rollins Band, distillers, Hot hot heat,Rancid,Nirvana, Jesse James, Sick on the bus, Muse, Sex Pistols, Easy-Target, Meat Puppets, stone temple pilots, medicine, Lawrence Arms, foo fighters, Surmise, sisters of mercy, Lostprophets, Rasmus, Evanescance


Films: The Crow * Donnie Darko * Reservoir Dogs * Shawshank Redemption * Nightmare before Christmas  * Rain man * Labyrinth * My Girl * Sleepy Hollow * Idle Hands * BeetleJuice * Craft * Clockwork Orange * Cruel Intentions * Green Mile * Dogma * Interview with Vampire * Nosferatue * American Beauty * Pirates of the Caribbean * Edward Scissorhands  * Sid N Nancy




 *~.W h a t.~*



Makes you happy: Weekends, Sweet txts, sleeping with Stu,love, staring into eyes.


Makes you cry: My own sensitivity.


Makes you angry: Lying.crying.Missing.Dissing.


Makes you laugh: Watching disney films with Stu. That Boys got no imagination!


Do your friends say about you: Depends which friend you mean.


Does your family say about you: Family? hehe


Is my life ambition: Find the perfect spoon.


Most life changing moment: Meeting Stu.


 Are you doing / did u do today: Woke up, had tummy cramp and didn’t bother with school.Played with my ear holes an changed this.


Are you wearing: Hot dog shirt


Are you thinking about: Stu


Song are you listening to: Helena. My chemical Romance


Day is it: Tuesday I think





Girls name: Faith


Boys name: Eric


Colour: Red is the new black


Shape: a scribbled heart


Song:  Rocket Man! Elton John..


Sound: The sound of two light sabers clashing together *wommm* *winnnnggg*


Word: fork


Smell: Stu


Novel: A real author knows what pain is


Actor/Actress:  Seth Green hmhmhmhmmm




Quote:  Rock like Fuck


Day of the week: Friday,Saturday + Sundays


Author: James O'Barr, Simon cooper clarke.John Agard


Tv show: Red Dwarf, six feet under


Childhood Memory: Not many I can think of


Part of your body: Ears. ouch


Part of bf/gf's body: His eyes.His tattoos.His piercings.His Holes in his ears. lol


Food: Greggs roast chicken bake!!


Question so far: dont know?


Animal: My Minky the monkey, hes manky but I love him all the him from Lee and Emma at the Zoo  :D


Hour: widdle


Lesson: Art.Film.







.Do you Believe in..



God: No


Love at first sight:  Hm nah, chemistry maybe.


Destiny: I dont know.i think we make it what it is


Fate: Isnt that the same as destiny? *shrugs*


Angels: since I found out angels didn't infact take my grandma..or her dog up to heaven..on a cloud. The idea has gotten a little less realistic


Heaven: is infact,not a halfpipe!


Hell: Is for Heroes


Ghosts: Boo


Aliens: There was always something about E.T


Fairies: in my head


Yourself: shh you


Guardian angels: Someones gotta be laughing at me somewhere


Vampires: Kinky


Pixies: where is my mind?






*~.24 Hours.~*



..In the last 24 hours have you...



Kissed Somone: Nope.Tomorrow though :)


Hugged Someone: No. :(


Slept: Yeah


Cried: nah


Laughed: Probably


Worried about something,if so,what: not alot


Missed someone: Yip


Had sex: Filth!


Eaten: Uh?


Told a lie: Not really.


Heard a secret: nah.


Hated someone and told them: Not in the past day or two no.


Fallen out with somebody: Well, nah


Made a rumour: It wasn’t a rumour.was it.


Had a fight: Id let you beat me. lol


Been happy:  yeah :)


Felt loved: Totally


Thought "Damn this sites shit": yes..Tho I tried makin up for it with a new name





 *~.Have . you . ever.~*



Kissed someone: Yesh quite frequently actually


Been In love: yeah..


Had Sex: oh just shut up


Hated someone, If so, who: You cant love everyone


Lost something/Someone special: my childhood.! I think its under my bed.


 Was it your fault?: Was it eck


Seen a ghost: I want to


Walked out on someone: probably at some point.


Stood Somebody up: maybe?


Been stood up: no..


Dumped Someone: yeah


Regretted it: At the time.not now tho.


Been Dumped: yes.Their loss! Muwhaha..ahah..a h ha


 Embarrased yourself: Oh more than once yes


Been On stage: Yeah


Witnessed a death: Hmm it wasn't somebody I knew,


Been to a wedding:  Ill have to some day.


Been to a funeral: No.. Im looking forward to mine though






What are you wearing right now: Hot dog shirt, chords.


what was the most exciting event of the day: almost chokeing on a crisp


What are you doing today: Nothing


Anythin to moan about: nah


Anythin to be happy about:.Im incredibly in love and incredibly loved.


Had enough quizzin?: Well, yes


So lets leave it there: bossy. I like that.



Last updated : November 9th 04