And we can live like Jack and Sally if we want..
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C'est le malaise du moment,

L'épidémie qui s'étend,

La fête est finie, on descend,

Les pensées qui glacent la raison.

Paupières baissées, visages gris,

Surgissent les fantômes de notre lit;

On ouvre le loquet de la grille

Du taudis qu'on appelle maison.

Protect me from what I want

Protect me from what I want
Protect me, protect me

+ GIG  Blog =

New Blog started September 1st 04.
New Beginnings.

Date:  December 13th! 04

Mood: whoa... riniging ear ness... ahh <3

Music:  Roo I miss you.. [ Blink ]

Entry: My whole body hurts.But its worth it.I saw Blink and Sugarcult in Notts on Monday,and Believe me,Im not over it.A stream of emo kids and mini skaters parading around with their boxers showing, this including me.
The lights went out and a black canvas streamed over with only mobile phones shining and waving in sync with I miss you.All i can hear is thousands upon thousands of screaming voices,devil horns a flying,lighters waveing.
This beat
HIM (surprisingly) and Almost my chemical romance..Only missing out on that one Cus..ya know..GERARD.*shrug* Anyway its late and Im not getting any more awake.night. eeee <3 <3

Date:  November 30th.  04

Mood: not bad yeah

Music:  Room on the something.. [ Mcfly ]

Entry: Yes,Ive done the ultimate sin. I went to see BUSTED. Ok ok, don’t you judge me. It was a night out! Alright?..Aside from that.I went to see them at Brum NEC areana with Emma my biatch lesbian lover. I saw Ria and Her mum Julie ( friend of my mum..same age yet a lot cooler ). Plus it was 2nd row at the front so it was good enough for me.Got a few photos and did a tiny bit o skankin.Anyway.. Don’t  hate me.Bastards.

Date:  October 25.  04

Mood: Knackerd but joyfull

Music:  Alison [ Whitmore ]

Entry: Just got back from Rock City.Went to see [SPUNGE].They were proper good. The supporting bands were just as good. Whitmore rocked. I went with Claire, Holman and Rich.The journey there was haha. Rather random. Hearing rich and matt sing at a rather high pitch to me first and the gimmie gimmie gimmies..I believe I can flyyyy .haha. So yeah the gig was awesome.we had a decent view.and Skanked our little hearts out! I also saw Mike! A mate off my contacts so that was cool. Anyway yeah..Tired now..sleep…sleeeeeeepp.

Date:  October 21.  04

Mood: Cold and Hungry

Music:  Im a fake [ The Used ]

Entry: So earlier / yesterday I went to see HIM <3.Though it didn’t start off so good.We ( me, kat, claire, adam and Jamie ) drove there instead of getting smelly public transport. Sadly, Jamie didn’t actually know the way to Wolvo.So we got there after about 4 hours and several arguments. Stu came to meet us. And we stood in a line of about 200 little kiddie goths and Valo look a likies.The Support band werent that Good. Cathedral I think they were called. But HIM were amazing. We started off at the front but ended up at the back, where the view was actually better.Yay! This will take some beating! <3 <3


Date: September 15th 04

Mood: Rather artistic and cold

Music:  Mr.Brightside [ The Killers ]

Entry: New So on the 13th of September I went to Birmingham with Stu to see My Chemical Romance.They were fucking amazing.Supporting acts included Yourcodenameis:Milo..even though they fucked the amps up meaning MCR had to finish early.But still, Amazing live band,I'd definately recomend seeing them and would go again if i have the chance.Best of all I didnt pay for any of it.haha.Stu paid for my tickets and bought me a tee shirt. <3 <3

Updated: EEEE im goin to see MCR again in Janurary :D


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